Karbala — The longest running demonstration against oppression and terrorism – Part I

The Tragedy of Karbala and its associated events. Many people have written a lot on this topic but today I will try to bring out some points which are seldom discussed on this very vast and important topic.

I would like to start by discussing a little about the first month of Islamic Calender, “Moharram”. Its really amusing but I would like to say that Muslim are the only society which do not celebrate New Year of the Islamic Calender as how others do. There are people who even avoid saying Happy New Year on the eve of 1st Moharram. And the reason — This months starts with one the most horrific attacks on Prophets Mohammad’s (mpbhahf) family and friends. Their was a huge amount of bloodshed, women were insulted, children were tortured and the house of Prophet Mohammad and his grandson Imam Husain was looted and ransacked.

Now the big question why did that all happened ? For the complete answer we have to go a bit in the history. I do not want to cover this in detail as it can be found on a huge amount of literature available both on net and books. The Tragedy of Karbala happened because Imam Husain stood against the ruler of present Syria and Lebanon which was at that time the capital of The Muslim Empire.


The ruler or the so called Khalifa of Syria Yazeed-ibne-Maawyah sent his commander to ask Imam Husain his support and pledge of allegiance. Yazeed who came to the throne of Syria wanted support from all parts of Arabia as there was an existing discontent over the rule of his father Mawiayaah. Yazid started using all types of ways to get allegiances and alliances. He ordered to change certain islamic traditions for his personal gains, even the interpretations of Holy Quran and Hadith were targeted by his unholy acts. This caused a lot of resentment among the ummah, but due to fear and other pressures inflicted upon the people by his army nobody, even the strongest groups tried to come against him. Yazid knew that to rule he just cannot use power he also need support from the family of Prophet and Imam Husain, and so he sent all sorts of offers to him, he tried to persuade Imam for support, but Imam Husain did not agree to any of his conditions and rejected his unholy rule. He asked Yazid to come to terms with Allah and stop his sinful acts. Then as we all know Yazid out of frustration sent his army of thousands to attack Husian and his family and followers which were around 72 in number at a place called Karbala. Imam Husain’s family included men, women and children. His youngest son Ali Asghar who was six months old was also present.

Yazid tried to persuade Imam Husain now by showing the strength of number, but he did not knew the power of family of Prophet Mohammad. They excepted death over excepting the rule of Yazid and laid their life fighting the treacherous army. The household was looted, ladies and kids were taken as prisoners. The ladies were not allowed to mourn the death, kids were beaten and tied to camel backs. These prisoners were the taken by foot
from Karbala to Shaa’m or the present Damascus in Syria. The people in the towns on the way were told that the prisoners are some rebels, nobody was informed that these ladies and kids belong to the family of Prophet. When this caravan reached Damascus Zainab who was the sister of Imam Husain gave sermons to the public where she told about herself, her family and about the pain inflicted on them.

When the news of the torture spread in the Arab and the Islamic worlds, it brought about a kind of revolution against Yazid. The pressure became so much that in about a year Yazid ordered the release of all the prisoners and accepted their demand to mourn the death of the family, first Ashurkahan aur Imambargah was then made in a house where women and children wept and told about the pains inflicted on the family to the people. Then they were sent to their house in Medina. But this did not stop the anger amongst the people against Yazid and rebellion started from all sides. Yazid was made to step down and all his dirty policies and practices were stopped. Nobody know where exactly he died and got buried.

So in the end even though Imam Husain and his family had to suffer from so many pains and torture but they won this war against tyranny, corruption and malpractices. Islam and humanity both were saved.
Its really amazing how a a small group,of 72 people approx led to the fall of a mighty treacherous king. Ofcorse there were others who acted but they all completed what Husain started by laying down his life.

End of Part I

In Part II we will discuss why people Mourn in Moharram and why do they take out big processions.


A sleepy day at office. Most of the peop

A sleepy day at office. Most of the people on leave for Diwali and some are leaving now. Its really nice to see the glow on the faces of people preparing for the big Indian holiday. I remember my days at Bangalore away from home. Wish all my friends a very Happy and s special Diwali. Wish them a lot of success and smiles all over.

Create a simple TCL Package

Please find a simple way to create a tcl package:

We will take create simple calculator package named “calc” with two functions “add” and “sub”
So first we will find tcl library. It is generally the folder which has tclConfig.sh file with other shared object files which are sourced with the tclsh command.
Now we will create a folder named “calc” same as the package name
Inside this folder we will place two files.
First is the calc.tcl. This file will have the namespace calc with the procs add and sub

# Register the package
package provide calc 1.0
package require Tcl 8.4

# Create the namespace
namespace eval ::calc {
# Export commands
namespace export add sub

# Create procedure in the namespace
proc ::calc::add {a b} {
set result [expr $a + $b]
return $result

proc ::calc::sub {a b} {
set result [expr $a – $b]
return $result

The second file will be the pkgIndex.tcl.
This file will have a line with the package ifneeded command pointing to the tcl file with the namespace.
package ifneeded calc 1.0 “[list source [file join $dir calc.tcl]]”

After setting the files we can now check the package. Remeber the folder calc with the above two files should be in the tcl library path, which in my case is in /opt/tcl8.4/lib
Now we can go into the tcl shell using the command /opt/tcl/bin/tclsh
And use the procs like calc::add 5 4



bash-2.03$ pwd
bash-2.03$ cd calc/
bash-2.03$ ls
calc.tcl pkgIndex.tcl
bash-2.03$ /opt/tcl8.4/bin/tclsh
% package require calc 1.0
% calc::add 5 4
% calc::sub 7 9
% exit

Imam Husain … What a legacy …

Shaheed-e-Azam Husain-bne-Ali

His grand father Hazrat Abutalib (A.S.) protected Islam by protecting Prophet Mohammad (SAWAW) when others were throwing stones at him and abusing him, he followed the divine order and sacrificed his strong position in his tribe and was among the first people to support the Prophet.

Then his father Hazrat Ali (A.S.) protected Islam by protecting Prophet Mohammed when others were asleep and the enemy attacked Prophet’s house. He followed the divine order and sacrificed his life for the protection of Islam and humanity.

What a legacy … and he stood by it by showing this world a greater sacrifice. Imam Husain not only sacrificed his life he also sacrificed his 72 family and friends. Even though he got all types of false offers he stood firm on his ethics and non-violence. He showed the real face of satan to the world and followed the divine order and removed the veil from the face of Yazeed-ibne-Maawia. Imam Husain showed us the path of a non violent way of opposing the wrong and fighting the corrupt and the terrorists.

In this month of Moharram May Allah help us in consoling ourselves from grief of the death and the insult inflicted on the family of Prophet. May this month teach us how to fight against the injustice by following the principles of self restraint and non violence showed to us by Prophet Mohammed (SAWAW), his progeny and his followers.

God Bless All