My Family Tree

My family has very deep roots and a rich history. I am a direct descendent of Prohet Mohammed (SAWAW) and is in his 39th generation. We link to the prophet through our Great great grand father Syed Sharfuddin Shahwilayat NAQVI who settled in Amroha India about 500 years ago. He came to India via Multan now in Pakistan from Wasti which is a town in present Arab country of Iraq.
So my family tree goes like this:

1. Syed Mubarak NAQVI II (My Father) and Huma Tausif NAQVI (My Mother)
2. Molana Syed Mohammad Ibadat NAQVI, II and Razeena Khatoon NAQVI
3. Molana Syed Aulad Hasan NAQVI
4. Molana Syed Mohd Hasan NAQVI
5. Molana Syed Mohammad Siyadat NAQVI, I
6. Molana Syed Mohammad Ibadat NAQVI, I
7. Syed Mohd Najabat NAQVI
8. Syed Mohd Shafaat NAQVI I
9. Syed Abdul Wali Khan NAQVI
10. Syed Abdul Jabbar NAQVI
11. Syed  Abdul Jaleel NAQVI
12. Syed Mubarak NAQVI I
13. Syed Muntajib Sani NAQVI
14. Syed Bade NAQVI
15. Syed Chaand NAQVI
16. Syed Muntajib NAQVI I
17. Syed Raaje NAQVI
18. Syed Abdul Azeez NAQVI
19. Syed Sharfuddin Shahwilayat NAQVI
20. Syed Ali Buzurg NAQVI
21. Syed Murtaza NAQVI
22. Syed Abul Ma’ali NAQVI
23. Syed Abul Fazl NAQVI
24. Syed Daaud NAQVI
25. Syed Husain NAQVI
26. Syed Ali NAQVI
27. Syed Haaroon NAQVI
28. Syed Ja’afer Sa’ani Tawab NAQVI
29. Hazrat Imam Ali NAQI (A.S.)
30. Hazrat Imam Mohammed TAQI (A.S.)
31.  Hazrat Imam Ali RAZA (A.S.)
32. Hazrat Imam Moosa KAAZIM (A.S.)
33. Hazrat Imam Ja’afar SADIQ (A.S.)
34. Hazrat Imam Mohammed BAAQER (A.S.)
35. Hazrat Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen (A.S.)
36. Hazrat Imam HUSAIN (A.S.),
37. Ameerul Momineen Hazrat Ali-IBNE-ABITALIB (A.S.),  and  Janaab Sayyeda Fatemah-uz-Zehra Bint-e-Rasoolullah
38. PROPHET MOHAMMED, Rasoolullah Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa (SAWAW) and Hazrat Khadeejah KUBRA


9 thoughts on “My Family Tree

  1. Salam Raza, Its just a way of depicting a family. Its in no way any form of disrespect to our Prophet Mohammad (SAWAW). This has been done to show the generation count.
    Though I take your advice and would definitely try to update the same. Thanks

  2. Interesting Blog. My name is Qamar Sultana and I am recent arrival in Canada. In one Majlis I was told about it and that I can also get mu ancestry. If you can help. My father’s name is Syed Manzoor Hasan Naqvi.(late) S/O Syed Zamir Hasan Naqvi(late) The names of sons of my father are 1. Rehan 2 Irfan 3 Faizan 4Zeeshan Ahsan/Muhalla Bara Darbar. I was referred by S. Abbas Naqvi.Thank you

  3. I am also from Sadat-e-Amroha and related to Shah Wilayat through my mother (Naqvi). From my father I am related to Shah Gada (Jilani). I am the 36th generation from Rasulullah SAWAWS. I was comparing my mothers Shajrah to yours, hers meets your Shajrah to Syed Muntajib Sani- but she descends from Mir Adil. I was surprised to see a Khan in your Shajrah. Do you know if your ancestor married into pathans? Our family is Najeeb-ut-Tarfain and didn’t marry outside. I thought most Amrohvi Syeds were as well.

    My personal opinion is only a Hussaini can truly understand another Hussaini.

    • Assalaam o alaikum
      Very glad to know you and your family.
      In indian subcontinent, Khan is also a title awarded mostly for acts of bravery. That is why you can see that khan in the title. This is not due to a relationship with pathans.

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