Why it is not a Happy Islamic New Year

Why it is not a Happy Islamic New Year ?
Islamic new year starts with the first month of Muharram which is a month of mourning for all the Muslims on the world.
This month marks the great sacrifice of Prophet Mohammed’s (mpbuhahf) family in the great tragedy Karbala. Imam Husain who was the son of Ali Ibne Abutalib and grand son of Prophet Mohammad was martyred in the desert of Karbala. He and his family were treated mercilessly and were kept hungry and thirsty for three days and after which they were martyred. Women and children were taken captives and insulted. The women who belonged to the household of Prophet of Islam were taken prisoners and were not allowed to cover their heads and they were taken around cities and towns like slaves.
Imam Husain never laid his allegiance to the tyranny and terrorism of Yazid ibne Muawiya and he saved the religion by sacrificing his family and friends.
This marks the greatest ever fight against terrorism and corruption. The start of Moharram marks mourning and remembering the teachings of Prophet Mohammad and his Family. It is not about celebrating indeed. Some people unknowingly do this Sin while copying the western culture. They should be informed. This is the month when family of our Prophet was in utter pain, their women and children were tortured. When we have a death in one of our neighbours or relatives we avoid doing festivities and celebration. Even we avoid laughing in front of the mourning neighbour then how can we be happy and rejoicing when the family of Prophet is in pain and agony.
This Happy Islamic New Year is new stance of the Saudi type Salafi idealogy to ignore the great sacrifice of Husain like people forgot Ghadeer they should forget Karbala. But they indeed do harm to themselves by going against the wishes of AhlulBait or the family of Prophet Mohammad (mpbuhahf).
So next time somebody wishes you Happy Islamic New Year you know how to respond.
May Allah keep us away from crying in pain accept in the pain of Husain and his family.


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