Hyderabadi Biryaani — The easy way …

So guys today we will see how we can cook Hyderabady Biryani … but the difference here is we’ll try to make it hassle free and even more tastier … 🙂
So here we’ll go ..
The ingredients:
  1. Chicken or Mutton whatever suits you 😛 … You can try others too if your state govts allows you 😛 — 1 Kg
  2. Basmati or any other good quality rice … So here is the question .. good quality rice ??? hmm Any rice which is fine and long can be considered as good quality. 😛
  3. Onions 1 Kg
  4. Tomatoes 1/4 Kg
  5. Garlic Ginger Paste – 2 tablespoon full
  6. Dhania Powder (Coriander) — 1 big spoons
  7. Red Chilli Powder – 1 tablespoon full
  8. Chaat masala or tamarind powder
  9. Salt — to taste
  10. Whole Spices like Badi Elaichi, Choti Elaichi, Pepper, Cloves, Zeera, Tezpatta, Darcheeni – small amounts of all
The Procedure :
Now here is the exciting part 🙂  :
  1. Soak the rice in water for about half and hour.
  2. Fry finely chopped onions in a pressure cooker(5liter) till they become pink.
  3. Add all the whole spices and fry again till onions become red and crispy.
  4. Add the meat and mix well.
  5. Add garlic ginger paste, dhania powder and chilli powder and chaat masala (you can add tamarind powder too) and mix well.
  6. Add the tomatoes cut into small pieces into the mixture.
  7. Do not let the mixture stick to the base of the cooker and get burnt, so u have to keep stirring the same and mix well.
  8. Dhania powder will take time to cook and hence we need to add small amounts of water during the process to avoid the mixture from burning at the base. We need to add water and then mix. Wait till oil separates and then add small amount of water again. This we need to do atleast 3 times. This step is very important, so no need to hurry. Wait till dhania is cooked and taste to check.
  9. Let all the tomatoes to get cooked and mixed properly. Mash the ones which are left uncooked. 😛
  10. Now put all the rice into the mixture and stir well. DO NOT FORGET to drain out the water from the rice before adding it to the mixture.
  11. The water should be just above the level of rice. Should be about half of the length of your finger.
  12. Add salt now 🙂
  13. Now put the cooker on full flame and put the lid on. After the first whistle, cook it on sim flame and wait for 2 whistles in case of chicken and about 4 for mutton.
  14. Your Biryani is ready … Enjoy with Curd Raeta ….
In case you want to make a proper hyderabaadi style … then :
  1. While you are preparing the gravy, sideby side put rice for boiling in a separate vessel.
  2. Cook the gravy with meat in the cooker as told above till meat is cooked properly.
  3. Now take another vessel.
  4. Put some oil and fry onions with whole zeera.
  5. Just stir the oil so that it reaches the sides of the vessel. This is done to avoid rice from sticking the sides 😛
  6. Now add a layer of the cooked dry rice.
  7. then add a layer of the gravy. Put big pieces of meat before and small pieces in teh end.
  8. Then add another layer of rice followed by gravy. Do this till nothing is left in other two vessels 😛 …
  9. Take a flat pan, put it on the flame, and put the vessel on this pan. (This is done to heat the vessel uniformly)
  10. Then put cover on the vessel and put the flame on sim. Seal the vessel with a wet cloth or flour dough.
  11. Wait for 15 mins.
  12. And the biryani is again ready 😛
Though the second method is a bit trouble some, but it tastes different and the flavors too are awesome …
So now u can try … Happy cooking 😛

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