Trip to Tavankere as part of Hewlett-Packard CSR Social Innovation Initiative.

What an amazing and exciting day I had. Went to a Village near Tavankere, 35 km West of B’lore and the motive was to plant Trees as part of Hewlett-Packard CSR Social Innovation Initiative.
Had a chance to meet some very nice people and make new friends.
The village was really beautiful, and we were amazed to feel the calm and peace being with the villagers. We planted Guava and bamboo trees to help them in adding some income.
The villagers were basically tribals who migrated from their native near Mysore to this village around a century back. They were all farmers and grow jwaar and rice. We learnt that their main business was used to make artifacts from bamboo which they stopped because of increasing cost of bamboo due to illegal trade.


Then we all visited the Arkavathy River Dam built in mid 1933 by the British.
It was a beautiful sight to be on the Dam and watch the rivers Arthavathi and Kumudavathi meet.
This Dam still serves as one of the water reservoirs for a part of Bangalore.dam2

Me at the Arkavathi Dam


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