Trip to Nandi Hills, Bangalore

On 14th Jun in the afternoon, my cousin Husian who recently joined here at Cellworks Bangalore with us complained that we have not taken him out to any place in bangalore. It was 12 pm and we were having breakfast at that time. Suddenly Mahtab decided that we will go to Nandi Hills, which is a picnic spot near Bangalore. I had heard alot about this place. So we made all the arrangements and started the 80 KM journey on our Pulsars.

We reached there by 4:00 pm. The road trip was a very new experience … first time I was driving on a hill. I enjoyed it. Driving on the turns and slopes was very exciting.

The weather was awesome, we had a great time at the hilltop and took a lot of snaps. The wind was blowing at its peak. The camera (which we borrowed from srilakshmi) gave  its full support … and we tuk all the snaps possible….

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5 thoughts on “Trip to Nandi Hills, Bangalore

  1. Hi There,

    Nice and informative blog. Me and my hubbie are planning to visit Nandi Hills on our kinetic. I was wondering if the hill roads were safe to ride as I will be riding in parts. Did you guys switch off the engine downhill? Need some tips. Thanks, Kusum

    • Hey kusum,
      Trip Nandi hills is real fun, you will definitely enjoy. But i am bit cautious is terms of kinetic as there are some steep turns which might be tough. Bike is a good option, though i know,people,who have been to nandi hill on kinetic honda but for two people it might be tuf to climb. Also regarding turning off the engines, yeah we did that and loved it.


      Take care

  2. thanks for your reply. as u said u know people who have gone on kine then thats ok. Did u have a female rider with you too when you went or just two guys? Also regarding switching off, did u manage to do it right from top of the hill? Thanks

  3. Hey kusum, yes i know some of my female friends who went on bike with their husbands and colleagues to nandi hill, there is no problem as such, but try to leave before it becomes too dark. Also best time to visit is just before sunrise.
    Regarding switching off the engines we did that for the last km or so , it is easier to drive there.

    • Sure thanks. I thought you would have switched off from the top to bottom. We will travel early morning and comeback by noon. Did u also have a female rider with you or it was only u guys?

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